First site opening in Shepherds Bush London W12 on 18th September 2018!

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Would you be interested in generating additional revenue streams for your business without the risk? Touch Coffee offers full installation and maintenance of our innovative cashless coffee vending machines across London and beyond.

 We would be happy to introduce our product to your business, where you have total autonomy over which brand coffee is supplied through the machines at no cost to you.

Features and Benefits

· Each vending machine can deliver up to 415 cups before a refill is required. 

· Each cup takes approximately 40 seconds to serve. 

· Our machines ensure coffee is served bean to cup, which is very important for freshness.

· Multiple Machines can be installed on one site.

· No maintenance is required by the site owner as our vending machines serve coffee from the outside of the shop by using the touchscreen.

· The site owner can determine what the operational hours are for their vending machine.

· The simple touch screen allows the user to navigate around a simple selection very easily

· Our vending machines will not take any cash transactions so there will be no issues around management, security or vandalism.

· Our vending machines are connected remotely to our business operations so we can monitor payments, stock levels and performance of the machines throughout the day.

· The engineers can be notified remotely through their phone apps if there are any issues with any of the machines and are on 24 hour call.

· Each machine is 1830mm (h), 710mm (w) 765mm (d) and weighs approximately 165kg.

· The machines will be installed externally by our team and will be flush with the rest of the shops facade to be in keeping with the shop’s frontage. 

· All of these installation costs will be incurred by Touch Coffee.

Our Story

Touch Coffee was born out of my frustration for wasting time. Time is precious and queing simply is a waste of that precious gift.

Last winter on my way to work I needed to stop off and get a warm drink to get me through the cold journey, that's when I finally had enough, the queue for my favourite coffee shop was a mile long (well a slight exaggeration) and I was running late, that's when it hit me...wouldn't it be good to just touch my card on a machine that would deliver me speedy bean to cup coffee especially if I could get my favourite brand too...and Touch Coffee was born.


Founder and Creative Director, Touch Coffee

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer cashless, bean to cup coffee from key sites around London catering for coffee lovers on the go.

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